Deter school bullying,
with SchoolSafe

SchoolSafe is the secure, anonymous way for students to report bullying and harassment from any
mobile device. It allows ongoing communication so you can manage the case and provide support.
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Help students report bullying or harassment at school with SchoolSafe.  Provide a safe avenue where they can anonymously chat with an expert and get support.

1. Bullying reported

A Student can report bullying or harassment anonymously from any web-enabled device (smart phone, tablet, PC etc).  They access their schools configured reporting form via a unique QR code or URL.

2. Data encrypted

Student’s safety and identity is of the utmost importance. SchoolSafe encrypts the information and scrubs the students IP address so their identity is never revealed.

3. Communication opened

The school receives the information instantly. You can then begin a secure two-way communication with the student.  Both you and the student can remain anonymous.

4. Case managed

You manage the whole case within Schoolsafe. All files, information and communication remain in one secure, fully auditable place. No need for emails or files on your server.

Beyond class

Join the growing number of schools, colleges and universities who want to protect their students by using SchoolSafe by Whispli. In and out of the classroom, it’s helping schools catch bullying, cyber-bullying, harassment, violence, drug use and more.


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$299 AUD
For 3 users/month. Additional users at $99 per user/month. All prices are AUD ex GST.
  • Whistleblowers
  • Reporting forms
  • Cloud based form
  • Dashboard
  • Unique URL
  • Dedicated form
  • Anonymous messaging
  • Case management
  • Reporting

Bullying costs lives.

Depression, suicide attempts, physical health problems, and reduced academic achievement—these are just a few of the negative effects bullying can have on children, according to many studies.

Stop bullying in your school today.
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“Giving students a platform like SchoolSafe, allows kids to feel safe and protected by anonymously reporting incidents.”

Sylvain Mansotte, Whispli Co-Founder and CEO

“If we can help any child get help and protection tomorrow our job is done.”

Chris Crowe, Startware Global Co-Founder and CEO