Unlock honest conversations

Whispli is a platform that helps your people be heard by letting them speak up in a safe space



Uncover the blindspots in your organization

Let anyone inform you of risks before they are realised

Enable people to communicate the way they feel most comfortable

And keep the discussion open with 2-way communication channels – live chat, form, SMS – and centralize them all in Whispli.

Collaborate with your team behind the scenes

Assign Whispers to the right teammate, comply with your policies and regulations with smart Workflows & Automations and take the right actions.

Connect Whispli with all the tools you rely on

Get context from the tools you already use and update them right from Whispli.

Join the 500+ ethics-driven organizations

  • “At Enron, Whispli could have changed history if it had been there! (…)
    Andrew Fastow
    Former Enron CFO

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