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Our customers love the ease of use and the comforting support – always here to help! Designed to accomodate a broad range of use-cases, you can configure Whispli to suit your current operating model and make your life easy!

A simple out-of-the-box whistleblowing solution

We work with hundreds organizations of any size: from 50  to 200,000+ employees

Starter Plan
  • Access to Essential features
  • Unlimited conversations
  • Includes 100GB Storage
  • Multi-languages
  • Live-chat support
  • Ready in 5 minutes
  • Pick your data location

An enterprise-ready and compliance-driven whistleblower platform

We are leading the industry. We make the best organizations drive towards a positive social impact.

Whispli is applying all regulatory requirements and is bank-grade secure.

A powerful solution for
larger organisations

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Enterprise Plan
  • Starter Plan plus:
  • SAML single sign-on (SSO)
  • IP access restrictions
  • Cloud or on-premises
  • Import CSV Data
  • Custom configuration
  • Support & Training
  • People can now contact our team from any web-enabled device such as a PC, smart phone, laptop or tablet. The tool encrypts the information and removes the person’s IP address so their identity is kept anonymous. The ACCC won’t know who is contacting us. 
    Mick Keogh
    ACCC Commissioner
  • “Whispli provides a new, easy and secure way for confidential sources to reach out to Journalist with important, public  interest information. I have already had some key sources contact me using the program that would not have made contact if it wasn't for Whispli and the way it protects a person's identity. It has the potential to change the way people all over the world interact with investigative reporters to pass on vital information.”
    Nick McKenzie
    FairFax Media, Walkley Award winning investigative journalist
  • “Whispli is hands down the most watertight way to catch and manage wrongdoing in your organisation. If you're not using it, then you're not serious about preventing fraud or corruption.”
    Mark Boyd
    Topshop Topman and GlueStore Group Risk & Compliance Manager

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