Protect your organisation
from wrongful activity.

Your organisation needs to know about fraud, corruption, bullying and other unethical behaviour before it
damages your reputation – and costs you money. But most whistleblowers are too scared to report through traditional channels.

Fraudsec is an anonymous, secure, two-way communication solution that lets you catch, manage and deter fraud and wrongdoing with total security.

Here's how it works

1. Tip off reported

Individual reports wrongdoing anonymously from any web-enabled device. They access your configured reporting form via a QR code or unique URL.

2. Data encrypted

Fraudsec encrypts the information using high grade 256 Bit encryption. It then scrubs the informant’s IP address so their identity is never revealed.

3. Communication opened

Your organisation receives the information instantly. You start a secure two-way communication with the whistleblower, who can remain anonymous.

4. case managed

You manage the whole case within Fraudsec. All files, information and communication remain in one secure, fully auditable place. No need for emails or files on your server.

Beyond fraud

Join the growing number of businesses who are finding new ways to use Fraudsec. In Supply Chain, Procurement and beyond, it’s helping organisations catch unethical labour practices, environmental breaches, biased decision-making and more.


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$249 USD
For 3 users/month. Additional users at $79 USD per user/month.
  • Whistleblowers
  • Reporting forms
  • Cloud based form
  • Dashboard
  • Unique URL
  • Dedicated form
  • Anonymous messaging
  • Case management
  • Reporting

Fraud costs companies an
average of 5% of revenue
every year.

There’s the financial cost of wrongful activity, and then there’s the cost to your reputation:
The media leaks, the social media storm, the customer outrage, and the employee
Protect your reputation and your financials with Fraudsec.

Stop wrongdoing in your organisation today.
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“Fraudsec gives you peace of mind, relying on your best asset, your people, to provide greater visibility and transparency across your organisation and Supply Chain to deter wrongful behaviour.”

Sylvain Mansotte, Fraudsec Co-Founder and CEO