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Become a Whispli Reseller.

  • Boost your client offering with Whispli’s secure communication platform.
  • Become the Whispli expert in your network.
  • Differentiate your business: Whispli is the only truly secure anonymous communications solution on the market.
  • Expand your services, strengthen your client base and increase your revenue.
  • Position yourself as an innovative communications technology leader.

Become a Managed Services Partner.

  • Whitelabel and configure a Whispli solution to meet your clients’ unique needs for secure communications.
  • Give your clients a secure and easy way for employees, contractors, clients or the public to communicate with them about sensitive issues.
  • Leverage your existing services and add immediate value to your service offering.
  • Significantly increase your client base and expand your revenue.
  • Manage the platform for your clients as a third-party service provider.

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“Fraudsec gives you peace of mind, relying on your best asset, your people, to provide greater visibility and transparency across your organisation and Supply Chain to deter wrongful behaviour.”

Sylvain Mansotte, Fraudsec Co-Founder and CEO