SchoolSafe by Whispli has officially launched through Whispli global sales partner StartWare Global.  StartWare Global has launched SchoolSafe to school’s and college’s in New Zealand, Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

SchoolSafe by Whispli is the secure, anonymous way for students to report bullying and harassment from any mobile device.

“In most instances teachers, staff and parents feel powerless to help children through situations like bullying and harassment,” said Sylvain Mansotte, Whispli Co-founder and CEO.  “Giving students a platform like SchoolSafe, allows kids to feel safe and protected by anonymously reporting incidents.”

James Cook High School, in Manurewa Auckland, is one example of a successful implementation of the program that is quickly being embraced by students..  All students have been informed about SchoolSafe, with it being referred to in assemblies and laminated posters being placed strategically around the school campus.

Students are making reports utilising the system, which allows for them to bring situations to the schools attention anonymously, and also allows the school to use two-way communication to follow-up with the student to ensure that they are getting the support they require via the schools dedicated staff.

Startware Global has successfully integrated SchoolSafe by Whispli into several schools across New Zealand, Africa, and the USA in the past 2 weeks, helping the different schools from various cultures and socio-economic backgrounds tackle a range of issues within their students bodies, i.e. bulling, cyberbullying, violence, drugs etc.

“Startware Global is very proud of our relationship with Whispli, and being part of taking such an important solution to Schools across the world where today such a platform of anonymous two-way communication is not available to kids in need.  If we can help any child get help and protection tomorrow our job is done,” said Chris Crowe, Co-founder and CEO of Startware Global.


Click here to try SchoolSafe by Whispli for free today.