About Whispli: the secure anonymous
communications company.

Created by a former whistleblower, Whispli is a company with a mission to let people speak up
anonymously and safely. Whispli opens and secures the flow of information between people with
sensitive information and the organisations which need it.


The whistleblower

In 2013, Sylvain Mansotte uncovered a $20.7 million insider fraud case at a major Australian corporation. Although the company provided a third-party whistleblower service, Sylvain didn’t feel he could trust it. He had to find a more circuitous way to report the fraud.

The problem

His company brought him onto their Risk and Fraud department, where Sylvain realised that getting people to come forward was a major issue. He found there was a need for an independent whistleblower service provider allowing anonymous, secure two-way communication.

The solution

Sylvain found a team of developers and advisors, and soon created Fraudsec, the flagship product behind the Whispli name. Fraudsec was the first global, independent anonymous, secure, two way communication app. Solution on the market.

One platform. Many applications.

When Fraudsec launched in 2014, corporates, government and SMEs immediately saw how it could help them deter and manage wrongful activity.

Other companies started to approach the Fraudsec team with requests for similar applications. They needed a reporting and messaging platform that guaranteed anonymity.

And so the team created Whispli: an umbrella company that offers numerous products based on its unique IP: a secure, anonymous, two-way communications platform.

What will your Whispli product be called?

Every Whispli product is customisable and configurable. Not only can you configure the forms with your fields and workflows, but Whispli can customise the technology itself to create a new product for your unique needs. And, of course, you can whitelabel our products with your branding to onsell to your clients.

Existing products

You customise the functionality and interface.

Reseller products

We whitelabel a Whispli product for you to resell to your clients.

New product

We build you a cost-effective new solution based on our patented technology.

who we are.

Sylvain Mansotte
Co-founder and CEO

Sylvain is captain of the Whispli ship, bringing a powerful mix of knowledge, experience and passion.

A seasoned entrepreneur, Sylvain combines 17 years senior management experience in Procurement, Supply chain, Risk and Fraud, with his personal experience as a whistleblower.

Co-founder and CTO

Matt is an entrepreneur and advisor in a number of high growth start ups. He’s the CEO & Co-Founder of Donesafe, “the people’s safety software” as well as holding advisory and board positions in ventures in the health, strategy and consumer vehicle space. Prior to leaving the corporate world, Matt was a senior strategy and governance leader within the Finance, Mining, Manufacturing and Construction industries, specialising in Procurement, Technology and Safety.

Co-founder and CIO

Richard is responsible for all things technology at Whispli. He has worked in some of the world’s largest banking and technology companies and has a keen eye for security.

Richard has been interested in startups and new technology for as long as he can remember and has created a number of custom built web sites. When not web programming Richard can be found hunting for old car parts.