Let them speak up.

Now there’s a way for people to give anonymous reports and information, and for you to communicate with them – anonymously, securely and cost-effectively. Whispli offers a range of business solutions based on a secure, anonymous, two-way communications platform.

Anonymous. Secure. Two-way communications

Open the gates to the information your organisation needs. Receive and manage information securely and anonymously – all in one cloud-based responsive app.


High grade 256 bit encryption for the highest data security.


IP address is scrubbed so informant can never be traced. They never need to reveal their identity.


Stay in communication with the informant throughout the case, so they can give more information and get any help they need.

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Protect your organisation from fraud, corruption or other unethical practices. Find out about potential risks or safety hazards before it becomes a threat.

Domestic Violence.

Let people report domestic violence anonymously and safely from any mobile device. Give them a channel for ongoing two way communication so they can receive the support they need.


Be the first to get the scoop. Give your sources an anonymous secure two-way channel direct to you, so you can receive files and have ongoing communication.


Help students report bullying or harassment at school. Provide a safe avenue where they can anonymously chat with an expert and get support.

Aged care.

Help prevent abuse and unethical behaviour in aged care. Provide a safe haven for anyone to come forward – health care staff, patients or family – and have an ongoing conversation to manage the case and provide support.

Persons of

A unique solution for law enforcement authorities around the globe. Get more tipoffs and evidence about missing persons and criminal behaviour, and respond immediately.

More applications

Whispli solutions can be configured to fit any need for secure, anonymous (or not) two-way communication. What do you need to know, that people are unwilling to tell you?

WHISPLI IS:Flexible, configurable, customisable.

Whispli’s platform is highly configurable. We can customise it to fit your unique need for secure two way communication. And it’s self-serve, so you can configure the forms and other features yourself. You can even whitelabel it.

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WHISPLI IS:Any device, anywhere.

The Whispli range of solutions is fully mobile responsive, allowing informants to use any web-enabled device from anywhere in the world.

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