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Be the first with that exclusive story.  Open the gates to anonymous tip offs and information about a story or investigation.

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Give your sources an anonymous secure two-way channel direct to you, so you can receive files and have ongoing communication.

1. Tip-off reported

An individual may wish to report something anonymously from any web-enabled device. They access your configured reporting form via a unique QR code or URL.

2. Data encrypted

Your source’s safety and identity is of the utmost importance. JournoTips encrypts the information and scrubs their IP address so their identity is never revealed.

3. Ongoing Communication

You receive the information from your source instantly. You can then begin a secure two-way communication with the source.  The source and the investigator can remain anonymous.

4. Story Printed

You manage the whole investigation within JournoTips. All files, information and communication remain in one secure, fully auditable place. No need for emails or files on your server.

Beyond e-mail, beyond fax

JournoTips allows anyone to give you tip-offs and information while remaining anonymous. The encrypted two way communication means informants can keep communicating with you without revealing their identity, so you can get all the files and ask the questions you need.


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For 3 users/month. Additional users at €79 per user/month.
  • Tip-Offs
  • Reporting forms
  • Cloud based form
  • Dashboard
  • Unique URL
  • Dedicated form
  • Anonymous messaging
  • Case management
  • Reporting

Be the voice to the voiceless

Simply add a QR code or dedicated URL to a story and encourage the public to come forward – safely and anonymously – on any web-enabled device.

Be the first with the scoop.
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“Journotips provides a new, easy and secure way for confidential sources to reach out to journalists with important, public interest information. I have already had some key sources contact me using the program. Some of these sources would not have made contact if it wasn’t for Journotips and the way it protects a person’s identity.  It has the potential to change the way people all over the world interact with investigative reporters to pass on vital information.”

Nick McKenzie - FairFax Media, Walkley Award winning investigative journalist